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8 a Side Fixtures/Results January - May 2011 

P - Pitch number (Pitch No 6 is half of 11 a side pitch at Westway)                   F - Team cannot field a team for a fixture and forfeit the game

"The Randoms" and "Hanwell Wickes" have withdrawn from the league on 21-02-2011

 P DateTimeHome TeamAway Team    
 6Mon 24-01-11 19.30Hanwell WickesThe Randoms1-1
 4Mon 24-01-11 21.00The PharaohsvThis is John Erm...9-2
 4Wed 26-01-11 19.00Really GreatThe Wizards Sleeve3-5
 6Mon 31-01-11 19.00The Wizards SleeveHanwell Wickes4-1
 6Mon 31-01-11 20.00This is John Erm...vWestside1-1
 4Mon 31-01-11 21.00St FrancisvThe Pharaohs3-4
 4Wed 02-02-11 19.00The RandomsvReally GreatP-P
 6Mon 07-02-11 19.00Really GreatvSt Francis2-1
 6Mon 07-02-11 20.00WestsidevThe Wizards Sleeve5-2
 4Mon 07-02-11 21.00Hanwell WickesvThis is John Erm...3-6
 4Wed 09-02-11 19.00The PharaohsThe Randoms8-4
 6Mon 14-02-11 19.00This is John Erm...vReally GreatP-P
 6Mon 14-02-11 19.30The Wizards SleevevSt Francis1-2
 4Mon 14-02-11 21.00 The PharaohsvHanwell WickesP-P
 4Wed 16-02-11 19.00The RandomsvWestside3-13
 6Mon 21-02-11 19.00This is John Erm...vThe RandomsP-P
 6Mon 21-02-11 20.00The Wizards SleevevThe Pharaohs1-4
 4Mon 21-02-11 21.00WestsidevHanwell Wickes-F
 4Wed 23-02-11 19.00Really GreatvWestsideP-P
 6Mon 28-02-11 19.30The Wizards SleevevThis is John Erm...2-0
 4Mon 28-02-11 21.00Really GreatvThe Pharaohs2-8
 4Wed 02-03-11 19.00St FrancisvWestside5-3
 6Mon 07-03-11 19.30This Is John Erm...vReally Great0-1
 4Mon 07-03-11 21.00The PharaohsvSt Francis2-1
 4Wed 09-03-11 19.00Really GreatvWestside2-7
 6Mon 14-03-11 19.30The Wizards SleevevReally Great0-1
 4Mon 14-03-11 21.00St FrancisvThis is John Erm...5-4
 4Wed 16-03-11 19.00WestsidevThe Pharaohs2-7
 6Mon 21-03-11 19.30St Francis vReally Great 5-1
 4Mon 21-03-11 21.00WestsidevThis is John Erm...6-1
 4Wed 23-03-11 19.00The PharaohsvThe Wizards Sleeve9-1
 6Mon 04-04-11 19.30St FrancisvThe Wizards Sleeve4-1
 4Mon 04-04-11 21.00This is John Erm...vThe Pharaohs1-0 F
 4Wed 06-04-11 19.00WestsidevReally Great P-P
 6Mon 11-04-11 19.30This is John Erm...vThe Wizards Sleeve4-5
 4Mon 11-04-11 21.00The PharaohsvReally Great 6-4
 4Wed 13-04-11 19.00WestsidevSt Francis5-0
 6Mon 18-04-11 19.30Really GreatvThis is John Erm...0-4
 4Mon 18-04-11 21.00The PharaohsvWestside4-8
 4Wed 20-04-11 19.00The Wizards SleevevWestside2-2
 6Mon 25-04-11 19.00This is John Erm...vSt FrancisP-P
 4Wed 04-05-11 19.00WestsidevReally Great 6-3
 6Mon 09-05-11 19.30This is John Erm...vSt Francis3-1





























































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